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My Background

Finally, a teacher that knows their stuff, and can actually teach! I've played the guitar for coming up on 2 decades, but on top of this, I have a degree in Elementary Education and 10 years teaching experience. I am an expert in helping kids ages 8-18, especially in the beginning stages, and in building a solid musical foundation.  And don't worry, If you are learning as an adult who is new to music, I am your gal! 


Sharing my Passion

Music has brought me through the toughest times in my life. It has given me community, identity and a chance to share my unique gifts with the world. Music has played a major roll in developing myself as a whole person, and not just learning a compartmentalized skill. I know it can do the same for you too. Think about why you want this, why you really want this. And if your reason is deep, I can be your guide! I love what I do, and have a passion for sharing it with the world! 


My Classes

I teach Private lessons, but starting in August 2019, I will be offering beginning and intermediate group classes. This is a very effective way to learn, because you have the opportunity to be motivated by your peers, and to learn the invaluable skill of playing with other musicians. In group classes, students will be exposed to a variety of musical styles ranging from folk and pop, to elements of classical music and jazz. They will be required to learn techniques of both rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. My maximum capacity for these group classes is 8, so sign up now to ensure a spot in this exciting new opportunity.