My Teaching Method

A lot of classes and teachers lose their student's interest very quickly by giving them music they don't like. No matter what your level is, I use the music you already love. You'll be playing songs you want to play, and I will teach you how music theory ties into EVERYTHING! It's so much more fun, engaging, and helps you maintain that motivation you felt in the beginning. No more boring work books!

Student Testimonials:


Megan is AMAZING! Megan has taught my daughter so much. She allowed my daughter to take the lead and choose a pace that my daughter's comfortable with. Her sheet music collection is incredible, and she lets my daughter choose which song she wants to learn. Megan is kind and patient. If you really want to learn how to play guitar and you want to have fun while doing it, choose Megan as your teacher! -Tonnie LaRue

 Megan is a talented and caring music instructor. She has the skills and knowledge to teach at any level. At the beginning level, she is able to build a strong musical foundation so that you can continue to grow and learn. Her lessons are fun and challenging. If you want to learn music, I strongly suggest that you go see her.  -James

 Love Love Love Megan!
An upbeat sweet personality, and with a background in teaching she is extremely patient and oh so encouraging!!! As an adult student I have tried several times to learn to play the guitar without success. She goes above and beyond to tailor lessons to my own musical liking and goals...and this time it's working! I am looking forward to my next lesson and many future lessons to come! -Marion

 My son has been taking guitar lessons from Megan for over a year. I couldn't have found a better teacher for him! He has a learning disability and needs a great deal of repetition to learn knew things. Megan has been cheerful and endlessly patient with him and is always trying new ways to help him learn. Not only is she a talented musician, but she has a gift for teaching. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to love playing the guitar!  -Lynette

 Megan is an exceptional guide down the path of guitar playing. She is the best instructor for kids that you will ever find, amazingly patient. But I think for any guitar player, what ever level, Megan can improve your skills. Her ability to mix music theory into a song you love playing is great. My granddaughter has been playing/learning from Megan for 2 1/2 years and she is still excited about going to Megan's weekly, she plays very good for an 11 year old. Each class is tailored to her needs and most of the songs are ones she has chosen. Best method of guitar instruction I have ever encountered.  -Carl