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The Strumming Secret

If you are brand new to strumming, or have been struggling with it for a while and really wonder what the trick is, this is an important concept that you have to master before you can more on to more complicated things. It's simple and straighforward, but something we often miss. 

"Love Someone" by Lukas Graham

This is a fun one to do on either electric or acoustic, and you can play it using open position chords, or barre chords. This video shows you both options. 

Yellow Submarine, lesson for kids

This is a great lesson for kids between 8-12 who don't quite have the dexterity yet for full chords, but still want to strum away! 

"Imagine" for Fingerstyle Guitar

There are only a few basic chords in this song, so if you get down the finger picking pattern, then add a few melody notes, it comes together beautifully. Great one to sing and play. Download the PDF in my free downloads section.

Learn to play "Blackbird" -the Beatles

This has always been a favorite of mine, both to play, and to listen to. It's less complicated than it sounds, so if you have the right guide to walk you through the fingerings, you can learn this classic too!

"Shallow" from A Star is Born

Check out my teaching style, and learn a fun to play song while you're at it! You only need D, G, Em, C and Am to play this song!

Easiest Scale Ever

This really is the easiest scale that you can play on the guitar, and the perk is, it sounds awesome, and therefore makes you look pretty rad. We all need that sometimes, right??

Maroon 5: Girls Like You

Late beginner/early intermediate song that can show off your mad skills with some basic major scale shapes. 

"What I've Done" Linkin Park

4 Chords, one strumming pattern, it's easier to be a total bad@#$ than you thought. ;) 

"Remember Me" Fingerstyle Lesson

If you are comfortable with a couple basic bar chords, but uncomfortable with finger picking, you should definitely give yourself a chance with this beloved Disney song. 

Fingerpicking 101, Mistakes to Avoid like the plauge

Are you ready to try finger style guitar? If you are comfortable with about 10 basic chords, and can play them clearly, you can do this. 

Why you think you can't learn guitar, and why you're wrong.

Still doubting your own greatness and ability to play guitar? Well... STOP IT! You can do this, and I can help. 

A Million Dreams Guitar Lesson

This video was in my early days when I had a bad camera, but it still has had positive reviews, so here it is!

The First Lesson: Hey Jude

I'm giving you a bonus by showing you what a lot of my first lessons are like. 

Pep Talk for Beginners

Some great advice if you've never touched an instrument before.